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Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 43, Villa Diego, Rosario, Argentina

Miguels Baptism

Elder Hjelmstad and Elder Hull

My blisters from last weeks burn....

Following in his Dad's footsteps... Making Pan-crepes

k first off I know I look fat in the picture with Elder Hull. haha I’m trying to eat better!

This week went by fast! We had Zone Conference, the baptism, a ward activity and a stake activity! It was really fun but we didn’t get to work as much, so that was a bummer! But Miguel got baptized! woohoo! It was pure craziness as always though.

On Saturday morning we called a sister in the ward and she told us that there was no water in the church. We started to freak out but luckily, the other missionaries had a baptism last Sunday and had left it half full. As you see Miguel is older and we had planned to baptize him sitting down so it would be easier for him. But then our mission leader called and said that he wasn’t going to baptize Miguel in cold water and wanted to postpone the baptism. I told him we’d find a way. We went to the church, which is about 200 yards from the pinch and there in the kitchen were 2 HUGE pots. So being creative we carried the pots to the pinch, filled them with water and then managed to carry them back to the church. We stuck one on the stove and cranked the burners. BIG pots and blazing burners = warm water. haha So we ended up boiling 3 pots and it made the water lukewarm. We had the baptism and Miguel loved every second. He comes from really humble circumstances and the branch got together some clothes for him so that was nice.

So this week I ate a lot of weird things. On Tuesday we went to a members house for an ASADO, or BBQ. He cooked up a million things and we ate every one. We ate small and large intestine, liver, back, ribs, and BRAIN. It was interesting. I didn’t like the brain but everything else wasn’t that bad. On Friday the 25th it was a holiday and we had the ward activity. They fed a holiday special, LOCRO. You should look it up. It’s basically a soup that has the left over meat that we throw to pigs, but they don’t. They put it in soup. When I got my bowl, I got nervous because there was some chunk of meat but this wasn’t a normal piece of meat. It had hairs still on it. I tried to man up and eat it but I couldn’t do it. haha but EVERYBODY ate it. Crazy people. haha After, the kids did a folklore dance, that was cool. Oh and they sang their national anthem and it that was great too!

So our investigators aren’t doing too great. Some struggle with coming to church and others struggle with smoking! I think my favorite part of your letters was how you guys are so excited for the family that went to church! I was so happy to hear that you guys made friends because that’s sooo important! Keep up the good work! We’re all missionaries!

This week in zone conference we talked a lot about families and inviting. First, the church is centered on families. The goal of God and his church is to, "Bring to pass the eternal life of man." He wants every single one of our families to return to him, so that we can live together in happiness forever. Read this... (https://www.lds.org/study/prophets-speak-today/unto-all-the-world/essential-to-gods-plan?lang=eng) We need to reach out to all families and invite them to have more happiness and unity in their families. It is only possible through the true and living gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, we must learn to love our friends and families enough to invite them to learn these things! They posed the question, "Is it worth the pain? What’s the worst that could happen?" I thought about this a lot and hope to apply it better as well. I know that many times we want to invite people but we hesitate and the moments gone. We need not hesitate but invite everybody to receive the blessings from God that He has in store for them. I love this work and REALLY want to find a family and help them get to the temple. I’m so thankful for my family!

Alrighty, I love you!

Elder Hjelmstad

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