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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 44, Villa Diego, Rosario, Argentina

My District: Hermana R., Hermana F.,
Elder G., Elder A., and Elder S.

The W. Family Family

Branch President, his wife and child

The L. Family

The L. Family

Hey Family!!

This week was pretty great! We found some great people and I’m really excited for them and their progress. Our other investigators kinda tripped up and haven’t come to church in a while which is a bummer. My favorite part of the week was last Monday when we walked in on an inactive family reading the scriptures! We joined them and read aloud, taking turns. I just sat there thinking about all the times that we did that and how there is such a strength in family scripture study and prayer. No wonder it’s a commandment! It helps us! As we pray and read together as a family we find that we all have the same goal, to return back to Heavenly Fathers presence as an Eternal Family. The commandments and counsels help us focus on this goal. I’m so grateful for all those times! Oh and that family came to church on Sunday! It was great!

So...Transfers came and gone once again and I’m leaving my musty, old pinch! Actually were both leaving and two new elders are coming. haha I’m going to another area within Rosario called Las Delicias. My new comp is Elder C. from Peru but doesn’t live anywhere close to where Jon is serving. haha already asked. I’m super excited to get to know another area and more people! WOOHOO! I’ve loved Villa Diego and the families here. Miguel wasn’t too affected that we’re leaving but said an amazing prayer that really touched me. I’m going to miss these people but the Lord knows that I’m needed somewhere else!

Today for Pday we went to lunch at a buffet place and met Elder Breshears and Elder Hunsakers FAMILIES!!! They came to Argentina to pick them up because they just finished their missions yesterday. So crazy!!! The families were totally lost with all the Spanish and I just kept thinking of you guys the whole time. It’s going to be a blast! haha But there’s still work to be done! haha Over a year left! Crazy!

Have fun with the family and JENEE, CONGRATS! You’re growing up and I don’t like it. haha slow down. Have a great summer while I’m freezing here in Rosario. haha

Elder Hjelmstad

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