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"The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called"

Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 43, Villa Diego, Rosario, Argentina

Miguels Baptism

Elder Hjelmstad and Elder Hull

My blisters from last weeks burn....

Following in his Dad's footsteps... Making Pan-crepes

k first off I know I look fat in the picture with Elder Hull. haha I’m trying to eat better!

This week went by fast! We had Zone Conference, the baptism, a ward activity and a stake activity! It was really fun but we didn’t get to work as much, so that was a bummer! But Miguel got baptized! woohoo! It was pure craziness as always though.

On Saturday morning we called a sister in the ward and she told us that there was no water in the church. We started to freak out but luckily, the other missionaries had a baptism last Sunday and had left it half full. As you see Miguel is older and we had planned to baptize him sitting down so it would be easier for him. But then our mission leader called and said that he wasn’t going to baptize Miguel in cold water and wanted to postpone the baptism. I told him we’d find a way. We went to the church, which is about 200 yards from the pinch and there in the kitchen were 2 HUGE pots. So being creative we carried the pots to the pinch, filled them with water and then managed to carry them back to the church. We stuck one on the stove and cranked the burners. BIG pots and blazing burners = warm water. haha So we ended up boiling 3 pots and it made the water lukewarm. We had the baptism and Miguel loved every second. He comes from really humble circumstances and the branch got together some clothes for him so that was nice.

So this week I ate a lot of weird things. On Tuesday we went to a members house for an ASADO, or BBQ. He cooked up a million things and we ate every one. We ate small and large intestine, liver, back, ribs, and BRAIN. It was interesting. I didn’t like the brain but everything else wasn’t that bad. On Friday the 25th it was a holiday and we had the ward activity. They fed a holiday special, LOCRO. You should look it up. It’s basically a soup that has the left over meat that we throw to pigs, but they don’t. They put it in soup. When I got my bowl, I got nervous because there was some chunk of meat but this wasn’t a normal piece of meat. It had hairs still on it. I tried to man up and eat it but I couldn’t do it. haha but EVERYBODY ate it. Crazy people. haha After, the kids did a folklore dance, that was cool. Oh and they sang their national anthem and it that was great too!

So our investigators aren’t doing too great. Some struggle with coming to church and others struggle with smoking! I think my favorite part of your letters was how you guys are so excited for the family that went to church! I was so happy to hear that you guys made friends because that’s sooo important! Keep up the good work! We’re all missionaries!

This week in zone conference we talked a lot about families and inviting. First, the church is centered on families. The goal of God and his church is to, "Bring to pass the eternal life of man." He wants every single one of our families to return to him, so that we can live together in happiness forever. Read this... (https://www.lds.org/study/prophets-speak-today/unto-all-the-world/essential-to-gods-plan?lang=eng) We need to reach out to all families and invite them to have more happiness and unity in their families. It is only possible through the true and living gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, we must learn to love our friends and families enough to invite them to learn these things! They posed the question, "Is it worth the pain? What’s the worst that could happen?" I thought about this a lot and hope to apply it better as well. I know that many times we want to invite people but we hesitate and the moments gone. We need not hesitate but invite everybody to receive the blessings from God that He has in store for them. I love this work and REALLY want to find a family and help them get to the temple. I’m so thankful for my family!

Alrighty, I love you!

Elder Hjelmstad

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 42, Villa Diego, Rosario, Argentina


This week flew by like always and we're doing good here in Villa Diego. We only have 2 more weeks of the transfer, it's so crazy. This week we taught a lot of lessons and met some great people. Miguel, our old guy is going to get baptized this Saturday so pray for him! He's such a great example to me of determination. It's really hard for him to walk and stuff but he always comes to church. He's such a stud. He loves the classes and reading because it makes him feel good. I know that this is the effect that the gospel has on us. These things are here to bless us and not to load us down and feel like we cant escape but they really make us better people and invite more blessings into our lives!
This morning I did something really lame. We finally have an oven that works so I got excited and made my blueberry muffins! But we dont have a muffin pan so I decided to make a blueberry cake. So I put it in the oven and checked it awhile later and the bottom was burning, so I lifted the rack one thing higher and when I went to put the pan back in the oven I got so excited that I forgot something....the oven mitts. I picked it up and then realized that I was 'burning myself so I freaked out and didn't know what to do and then dropped it onto the oven door and quickly put my hands under water. I burnt my index, and middle finger on both hands and both my thumbs. It hurt really bad! It was interesting though because it was hurting after for hours and hours I kept thinking about all the pain that Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemani and on the cross. I've been studying the atonement and have learned that not only did he suffer for our sins but also every physical and spiritual pain that any human being has ever felt. 

In Alma 7:11.... 

And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

This scripture is talking about the sufferings of Christ but doesn't say sins. He suffered every single PAIN. I know that we are never alone in our stuggles and pains but that Christ is always there with His hand outreached. We just need to apply it to our lives and we will be comforted. Everyday we have the chance to come closer to Christ and I hope that we are.
You know your a missionary when you hurt something and you start thinking about Christ. haha anyways I love you guys so much and thanks for the updates!
Elder Hjelmstad

Jackie- you are officially, "the dog lady" 
Jenee- Powder Puff MVP! great job you stud!
Jaden- You dont need surgery! woohoo! now get healthy!
Mom- Keep practicing your argentine kitchen skills and I'll be your judge when I get home. haha
Dad- another seminar. good times with father-son campout.
Grandpa- GO LAKERS! haha but if we lose I want OKC. They're my 2nd fav team.
Grandma Cassie- Good luck on the plant business!
Grandma Mary- It was great hearing your voice too! Have fun taking care of those dogs!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 41, Villa Diego, Rosario, Argentina

Today I tried something new. I bought clothing dye at the pharmacy and dyed my pants because they're super faded and I'm tired of wearing the same pair of pants for the last 12 weeks. Haha so we'll see how they turn out.


I loved the call last night! I was really proud of myself that I only cried at the end! haha but it sounds like you guys are all doing great, besides the whole Jaden and her knee thing. But I loved hearing your voices and just being able to chat like we would at the dinner table or other stuff. I'm so thankful for you guys and the wonderful support system that you are. I love you guys so much!

This week was really good cuz we got to teach Paola, a new investigator and she loves the church and loves meeting with us. She kinda looks like Aunt Kassie in a way, so its fun. She is set to get baptized on June 2nd but needs to stop smoking before then! She wants to do it and were gunna do everything possible to help her! We also have a sweet old man named Miguel that loves the church and even though he can barely read, he reads everyday! He should get baptized this week or the next so were way excited. Then we have some other investigators that are working toward baptism and I really really want to help the Guerreño family get baptized. They're goal is the temple, but they smoke and stuggle to get to church. I'm a super strong believer that we can do anything if we really want to. If we're determined and if we lean on the Lord, we can always get through our difficulties. 

At the beginning of this transfer we were stuggling to find people but thanks to a lot of prayer and fasting were progressing and I hope that we will have some baptisms! I know that were never given too much to handle but instead Heavenly Father gives us justtt enough to handle. We must learn to trust in Him and ask for His help! I know He always wants to support and help us in our lives.

This past week I did splits with the zone leaders and went with Elder Breshears. He's a great elder from Idaho and I learned that I have a long ways to go! haha but I learned that I can teach better to help them understand and also that I shouldnt be scared to use the phone. I don't know why but I've never liked using the phone.  I think it's because it's harder for people to understand me and stuff. I dont know. I'm weird. But yeah, he goes home in 3 weeks and so does Elder Shippen, another elder that I'm living with. They both said that the mission flew by and they can't believe they're already going home. crazy!! 

Today I tried something new. I bought clothing dye at the pharmacy and dyed my pants because they're super faded and I'm tired of wearing the same pair of pants for the last 12 weeks. Haha so we'll see how they turn out.

Anyways, I love you guys so much!

Elder Hjelmstad  :)

Mothers Day Poem by: Josh


You've loved me since I was a baby,
even when I didn't know who you were.
You'd wrap me up in blankets at night,
and hold me so I wouldn't stir.

You'd drive me to soccer practice
on the opposite side of town.
You cheered me on at every game 
without ever showing a frown.

You made me delicious dinners
even when I didn't give thanks.
You always taught me to choose the right 
and that I shouldn't play pranks.

You'd dress me up on Sunday for church,
and taught me how to pray.
You always set an example for me
and said I'd go on a mission someday.

Now I'm on the other side of the world,
serving as the lords missionary.
Putting the stuff I learned in practice,
from church, mutual and seminary.

I'm trying to love as Christ would
and do what he would do.
I'm going to follow the example that you set, Mom
by trying to love like you.

I Love You!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

An early Mothers Day gift...

 Elder Hjelmstad and Elder Hull 

These are the missionaries that Elder Hjelmstad roomed with when he arrived in Argentina.

(Mom) So as most of you know Josh will be calling home on Mothers day. We are super excited to hear his voice and talk to him tomorrow. We were a little unclear as to what time he would be calling, so I emailed the Rosario mission office and asked if they could forward a message to Josh as to when he should call home. The following post is an email I received yesterday from the secretary in the mission office, Elder Hull,  who happens to personally know Josh.  They flew to Argentina together and then ending up living with each other for the first two transfers of their missions (3 months).

What a treat... Enjoy!


Hermana Hjelmstad,

I would like to tell you that your email happened to land in the lap of the new secretary Elder Hull. =) I just talked to your son, my best friend on the mission, and he said that he will call you at that time and that he is super excited to talk to you and the family =) He told me he still needs to find a calling card but he is going to try and find it tomorrow. What I would suggest is that you guys have a calling card too just in case so you can call him back on the same number and just finish talking. But if you need to tell him anything before Sunday just email me tonight or tomorrow and I will be able to let him know.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL mothers day hermana Hjelmstad and that you have a great time talking to your incredible son. Thank you for raising such a great kid. Just the person your son is, should be one of the best mothers day gifts ever. Although he is far away from you at this time he loves you so much!  I'm so grateful for being able to know him and become friends with him. I wouldn’t have survived my first 3 months of the mission without him. I appreciate and love him so much. I am excited to continue to grow with him throughout the mission and then be friends after. I am also excited to meet you and the your family one day. =) You are officially my other mission mom okay?

If you need anything just let me know. =)

Élder Hull | Secretario Misión Argentina Rosario

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 40, Villa Diego, Rosario Argentina

Elder Hjelmstad and his new companion. 

"He has a strong testimony. 

My favorite thing about him, is how he just continually sings."

Josh Finally gets to see some of Argentina!!!  
This is his first monument.

"We paid three pesos to go up to the top and look at the view. WAY COOL!"


I’m super excited to talk to you guys on Sunday! It's kind of cool because I forgot what day Mothers day was and thought it was on the 20th and then I found out that it’s super close! woohoo! So this week was good. Not great, but definitely getting better. We’re in the process of finding people to teach but it’s all good. I’m excited for this branch! They are all great people and willing to serve. I never ever realized the importance of members in missionary work. If the members are excited and have the vision of a missionary, everybody is happier and more blessed! This Sunday we brought an old man to church. He loved it! We will see what happens with him. We have many people with baptism dates so pray that they progress!! Thanks!

This week we had a few funny things happen. On Tuesday, we were doing contacts and I presented us at a door and when I asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ she said, "Oh the taxis are down that way." and pointed down the street. hahaha I thought I could speak Spanish alright by now but I don’t think I’ll ever sound like a native. haha
Second story: We stopped by a little shop to see if they had something and a guy (drunk) was standing at the door and mumbled something to me but I couldn’t hear. He then repeated himself and I heard "cmnby" and then one more time he said, "cmon baby." hahahah I started busting up laughing and then walked in. Here everybody knows little phrases in English from movies and stuff and sometimes they can be really funny.

Today for p-day we made chorizos (basically bratwursts) on the grill. We made a fire and then put the grill on top. They turned out pretty good! Then we went to Rosario to see the flag monument. It’s in our zone so we got permission. Super cool monument! We paid three pesos to go up to the top and look at the view. WAY COOL! It’s been a good p-day! Another great thing that happened this week was MAIL!! Big thanks to Lindsey, Lexi, Addison, the Pauba young men, Elder Davis, and Elder Miller. I loved every single one! I promise I’ll write back as soon as I can!

This week I was trying to think of how I can better focus myself in my mission and become a better missionary. I decided to start to study the Atonement of Jesus Christ to better understand it. I’ve only been studying it for 4 days and it’s literally amazing. Something that was even greater was the talk that Lexi sent me by Brad Wilcox called, "His grace is sufficient." Thanks Lexi! I really loved how he explained that the Atonement that Jesus did wasn’t to fill the gap or make the difference so that we can live with Heavenly Father and our families forever but it was to FILL US, and make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. His Atonement isn’t just something that we apply at the end of our lives when we’ve done all that we can do, but it is to help us every single day, to change and become a better person. It is the way we can be transformed into a perfect person like we are asked to become. It is continuous and eternal. And EVERY PERSON needs it. 2 Nephi 2:6-8. We can only gain happiness thought the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Pres Uchtdorf said that the, "infinite power of the Atonement will purify, cleanse, and refine our spirits and characters until we become the men we are meant to become." We were sent to Earth to learn to become like God. Perfect. We’re not earning our way to heaven, but Learning our way to heaven. I’m so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the effect that it has on our lives.

I love you all and I’m so excited to talk to you guys!

Elder Hjelmstad!

Shout outs:

Lindsey- keep having fun working at the mtc! haha and tell Kellie I said hi... and tell her to write me.

Addison- study abroad! woohoo! and good luck with the bussiness school application.

Lexi- Thanks for the update on all the people married and engaged. haha thats crazy! and thanks for the talk! 

Pauba young men- Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

oh and by the way I’m district leader now! I forgot to tell you. Crazy stuff.  (But don't put it in my letter.)