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Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 45, Las Delicias, Rosario, Argentina


I loved all your emails and pictures that you sent me! Congrats Jenee! You guys looked great and the cut out of my pic was hilarious! haha I loved it! I wish I had cut outs of you guys! haha oh yeah...one thing. STOP GROWING JADEN! Jenee...you’ve changed too but Jaden’s winning the race. I liked having little sisters! haha

So, I don’t really even remember this week. haha But it went good! I love the new area and ward. They’re all really nice and they love the missionaries. :) We don’t have many people to teach though, so we planned to do some activities and stuff to find more people to teach. We’re teaching a teenager named Benjamin that’s great. We had a family home evening with his brother that’s a member and we played a game at the end that was so funny. We were all dying laughing. haha He came to church too so it was great! I want to baptize more! ahhhh! We have a bunch of appointments set up for this week so pray for us!

My new companion is from Peru. He’s way cool and loves soccer and ping pong, so we get along really good! He only has 3 months left of his mission so we think that he will finish here. He’s been here for 4 months, so he already so he knows the area and the people. He’s really good with people and teaches good too, so were hoping and planning on working hard and baptizing! 

Elder Breshears, an Elder that finished this past week was going around the country with his parents during the week and on Saturday we ate lunch together. On Sunday they came to Sacrament meeting and after sacrament meeting was over, Elder Breshears was talking to a bunch of people and his parents were in the corner meeting a ton of people but had no clue what they were saying, so I served as a translator. haha It was way fun. They’re super nice and Sister Breshears said she’s going to call you mom, so be ready. They get back to the states on Wednesday. It was way fun but got me thinking about you guys and stuff. I’m not homesick! I promise.

I don’t really have anything else to say except that it’s getting cold here! I’ve been wearing gloves and a scarf every day! haha so enjoy your summer!

Elder Hjelmstad

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