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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 35 Santa Fe, Argentina

"This is Martin and Isabel.
They're waiting for papers to get married. Great people."

"us choppin down 3 little trees with Bro T. LOVE THAT GUY!!!"

Hey Family!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE!!!! You’re 22!! You’re old!!! haha

So this week was really good! We taught a lot of people and getting close to some baptisms!

There’s a lady named Claudia that’s listening to us and she’s way cool! She has 4 kids and is a widow.

We are also starting to teach a girl that’s way cool! Pretty much a miracle too! So one day (6 weeks ago) I had to get a hair cut, so we went to a place and he said that he closed at 12:30. So we told him we’d be there right before he closed. We went back and he had already closed. So there was another place to get a hair cut around the corner, so we went and the girl (23 years old) just has her own place. So we went in and I sat down and we started talking, as she was cutting my hair. I told her that my sister cuts hair and my mom did nails and stuff and then we got talking about the states and stuff and then we left. I talked a ton because I felt like I was talking to Jackie! Haha!! Then we went by a members house nearby and they asked me if I’d gotten my hair cut around the corner. I said, ”yeah” and she said that they’re friends and that she listened to the missionaries when she was little! COOL! This past week I got my hair cut again and I asked her if she’d every talked to missionaries before and stuff and she said ya and that she didn’t know why they stopped coming. She then said that she’s never been baptized and I told her we could help with that and she said, “okay”! We’re going by tomorrow and I hope everything goes great! MIRACLES!!

General Conference was amazing wasn’t it!? We got to go to Saturday morning and then the two on Sunday. I was SOOO excited for conference this year because it’s so great to receive counsel from living prophets and apostles! We’re sooooo lucky to have prophets and apostles that speak to us! I know that Christ has restored His church through a prophet like He has always done. I know they are inspired of God! Oh and this time I understood everything! We watched it in English! haha but really I’ve had some questions and stuff that I want to get better at and many of the talks were perfect. I’m so grateful for conference and it was so cool to think you guys were doing the same thing as I was! And how cool is that that you guys got 4 tickets from a guy that spoke Spanish! Miracles! I can’t wait to get back and talk to those people! Please send me the magazine of the talks when you get it!

So a cool thing and funny thing from this week:

COOL...We were walking home at night really fast because we didn’t want to be late and we were far from the apt when a horse cart stops and 3 guys asks us if we wanted a ride so I said YEAH!!! So we got in and I had just bought a bananas so I gave the guy a banana and he took us pretty much all the way to the pinch! Way cool guys! haha so cool.

FUNNY...So you know that you’re in Argentina when the precious peanut butter that your Mom sent you from the states falls and squirts out onto the ground and you stare, think about how dirty the floor is, and then take your finger and eat it all. Yup. I’m becoming Argentine. :)

Alrighty, I don’t have anything else! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Your Missionary in Argentina that eats off the ground at times,

Elder Hjelmstad


Jenee- Way cool you picked out a hair school!

Addison- I got your mini package! Thanks so much!

Dad- Thanks for your notes!

Grandpa- Thanks for the updates!

Mom, Jen and Jade- Drive safe!

Brother and Sister Zambrano- Thank you for the Reeses pieces and mac and cheese!

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