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"The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 38 Santa Fe, Argentina

This is Ezekiel, he is waiting to get married. He's with his "wife" (she washes our clothes! haha) the others are members.
EVA and her grandkids. I'm gunna miss her!


Happy 18th Birthday Jen!!!

This week was pretty good. We had a ton of lessons, but nobody came to church that has a baptismal date! But were teaching a good amount of new people, which is great! There’s a family that we call the "Miracle
Family" because the girls are like little angels and came on their own one day and this week the mom came and she loved it! So cool! There is always hope!

Just like the scriptures say, And it came to PASS...
stuff happens but we just have to have the faith to get through it! I know that God has a perfect plan for us because He loves us! We just need to trust in him and move forward, even if we don’t know the WHY. We
obey out of faith, and that faith brings blessings!

So...MIRACLE! haha so we neverrrrrr bring the cell phone out of the pinch because it's just not safe.  But on Thursday morning I thought...why not? So I put it in my pocket, but it was kind of obvious, so I put it in my back pocket, but then thought that it was obvious again, so I put it behind my agenda in my other front pocket and put it below my agenda so it looked flush and unnoticeable. Like 30 min later we were walking when we heard a guy from behind us say, "Amigos!" so we waved and kept walking. Then he yelled again and signaled that he wanted to talk. He looked sketchy, but we waited. He came up and then said he needed two pesos. We said we didn’t have any. Then he said, "give me your phone." haha we of course said we didn’t have anything and s he started to search us and felt my agenda but didn't pull it out so he thought we didn’t have it and moved on. Luck? Don’t think so. Thanks for all your prayers! Haha Sorry mom. I’m fine, I promise. :)

Overall it’s been a pretty good week. I’m kind of bummed that I have to leave behind all the people I’ve met here and have taught. I’m really excited to get to a new area and get to know a new city and a new ward. I’m so grateful for the experiences and time I’ve had here. I’ve learned a whole language and grown a lot personally! We shall see where I'm going! Ahhhhh I'm still waiting! I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for all your prayers and emails! You’re awesome! I haven’t gotten mail in a month, so I hopefully I'll get some letters.... hahaha but I don’t really have anything else to say. 

I love you!

Your Son in another country,
Elder Hjelmstad 

P.S. I just found out I'm going to Villa Deigo ward in Rosario!!!!  

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