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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 37 Santa Fe, Argentina

At the ZOO

Monkey trying to take the camera????
(I love that he looks so happy and is having fun!!!)

Monkey shaking my hand!!!

SO sounds like things really got switched up in the Temecula stake! How cool! Dad you will be a GREAT First counselor! Just take it one step at a time!

And it sounds like you guys had a blast with the Foleys! Thanks for sending me all those pics and sharing your experiences with me!

This week went way good! We met a lot of great people and have some baptismal dates! Only bummer.... almost nobody came to church!!! I really believe that going to church is one of the most important parts in receiving an answer that these things are true! I’m so grateful for the Pauba Ward and the amazing leaders that helped me progress to where I’m at now! Seriously, going to church is so important and so essential in the maintaining of our testimonies. For me, going to church is like charging batteries, filling up the gas tank, or adding sticks to the fire. In the church is where we receive the personal revelation and comfort we need to be able to handle the stuff during the week! I hope we never lose the desire to go to church. I’m so excited for you guys and the new Morgan Hill ward!

So just about 15 min ago I got a call from Bro. Z, he told me that Antonella, the Hairdresser, just uploaded a picture of the baptismal invitation that we gave her when she accepted to get baptized on May 6th. She’s so awesome! She really has a desire to get baptized and I know that that is all that God asks of us. Claudia, the widow, is doing really great and we had a great lesson about her husband because she wanted to know where he was and how he’s doing. I’m so grateful for the knowledge we have that we can see and live with our loved ones forever! We have 2 couples that are still doing the things to get married so they can get baptized so the work is moving forward!

Today we went and played soccer and then played handball...basically like water polo out of water! SO FUN!!! I loved it! Then we went to the ZOO!!! We finally went because it’s my last pday here in Santa Fe! We had tons of fun checking out all the animals but the monkeys were by far the best. I shook its hand. It was awesome. Then it started grabbing the other Elders stuff and almost got an Elders camera! haha so funny. It was a little zoo, but good enough! haha

Pday is on Tuesday next week!

But I’m doing good! Need to lose weight but Elder Larson gave me a whole thing of peanut butter, so I ate that the whole week. Actually ate the whole thing in 5 days. :)

I’m excited for transfers because I’m finally leaving!! Almost 7 months in Santa Fe! We had interviews with President this past week and it was really great. I love that guy. He’s really changing around the mission so we can have more success. I love being a missionary! Thank you for all of your support!!


Elder Hjelmstad

Shout outs:

Grandma Cassie- haha thanks for the email! I forgive you for sending them to the wrong address!

Jade- Dont fall down anymore stairs! haha

Jenee- Stop having fun!

Mom and Dad- keep up the good work. I LOVE you guys so much. THANK YOU!

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