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Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 34 Santa Fe, Argentina

"We also got to do service this week and cut a ton of weeds! But guess what we used? A MACHETE AND A REAPER! Sweeeeeeeet. Argentine style."

Hey guys!

The week flew by like always. Can’t believe that tomorrow I’ll complete 8 months in the mission and 6 months in Liceo tomorrow. Totally crazy. TIME FLIES. But sounds like you guys are doing great! Have fun looking for schools and going to conference up there! And you got to hang out with the Colbster!? NOT FAIR! I miss that guy! I want to know where he’s going serve his mish! Please let me know ASAP!

SO this week we went by Ezekiels house and he told us that he didn’t make it because his bike got 2 flat tires about 15 miles away. He was really bummed that so many things went wrong. We told him to forget about it and that we’d have his baptism when he wanted. He said he wanted to get baptized on the 24th! Sweet! So we planned all the stuff and everything was great! He ended up getting his old job back that he loved and was way happy. We called him on Friday night and asked how everything was and he said he was good for the next day. SO baptism started at 6pm and he worked the morning so we called him around lunch and his phone was off. We called him over and over again and nothing. 5:10 comes around and we decide to run to his house to check on him. Wasn’t there. Kept calling...nothing. Said a prayer. People started showing up. 6:00, still nothing. We ran to his house again...nothing. We then sang hymns until 6:45 and then left. :( I was really bummed. We still haven’t seen him or been able to talk to him. But I don’t want you guys to think that I’m all sad or stuff because I’m not! I know he will get baptized one day! Maybe not right now, but he will.

We also got to do service this week and cut a ton of weeds! But guess what we used? A MACHETE AND A REAPER! Sweeeeeeeet. Argentine style. The reaper was a work out and the machete killed my shoulder, but we got it done! The Family we served is awesome too! Her names Claudia and her and her son Hermam came to church! She’s a widow of 4 years and we’re trying to help her! Way cool lady.

So yesterday for studies we listened to a fireside by John Bytheway called Righteous Warriors. It was so good! He talked about all the war chapters in Alma and how they relate to us! He said a lot of things that I wish I would’ve known when I was in high school! He talked a lot about preparing ourselves against the evils of the world and never letting ourselves be lured out of the city gates. He said when talking about the Stripling warriors, "Its one thing to know that the church is true, and another thing to be true to the church." They understood the commandments and obeyed them! Alma 57:21! He went on saying by obeying and doing EVERYTHING within the church we build our fort against Satan. He said a lot of the time we give in to temptation because we think were in control when were really not. Because when were "High on drugs, were low on agency." Heavenly Father gave us the chance to choose so we can LEARN! President Benson said, "Its better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent." I LOVE THAT: Follow the guidelines set forth in the scriptures and by the prophet. I know we will be blessed by doing so. I wish I would’ve known this in high school!

But were doing good here in Liceo! I love you guys so much and hope everything’s going well.


Elder Hjelmstad

Shout outs:

Aunt Penny- I hope you guys had fun up in the snow! I hope you didn’t "pull a Josh" and break your leg like I did.

Grandpa- Too bad BYU lost and the 49ers didn’t get Peyton. GO LAKERS! haha

Jen- Good to hear Dan asked you to prom. I approve.

Jade- Can’t wait to see you play volleyball!

Dad- Go play bball outside! It’s a good way to relax.

Mom- You’re so busy its insane! Have fun in Utah!

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