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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 102, Nogoya, Argentina

                                 That's how they cooked the locro.

                       This is where we hold sacrament meeting :)

My birthday cake (we made).
Thanks for the birthday package.

This was taken on the day of transfers. This is when I met my new companion,  Elder Lindeman.

Well this week was pretty good! We tried to visit more members and help them share the gospel with their friends or neighbors and it went pretty well! Our branch president has a neighbor that just moved next door and they started talking to her about church and she's asking a ton of questions! She is a single mom and has 2 kids, Nicole is 8 and Dylan is 4. They went to the primary activity and a branch activity that we did on Saturday! Remember last year when I told you that I went to an activity and they served me a soup thing that had little pig hairs in it? well we ate that for the Activity! This time it didn't have hairs so it was superrr good! The dish is called LOCRO if you wanna look it up. Anyways, so she came and loved it! She was set on coming to church but sadly didn't show up but I'm not too worried. Two other ladies that aren't members came to the activity too! Way cool!

So this week I don't really have anything super legit to write you about but Dad had asked me some questions that really made me think. He asked me, "How much of an impact will your mission have on the rest of your life?  How has it changed you the most?" To respond to that question i think the mission has changed my perspective on my life as a son, brother, future Dad, etc because I'm starting to understand the big scheme of things..aka...the Plan of Happiness, Plan of Salvation, etc. I have learned that we are here to learn how to be celestial, how to be like God. We are to practice heaven right now. We must learn and adquire his holy attributes through continous repentance thanks to the atonement. Life is a transforming process that helps us perfect ourselves. The mission has helped me know Christ more and I know that through him and his eternal sacrifice, the Atonement, we can become perfect one day. There's a ton to learn and we will never be able to learn it all but through the Atonement we can progress towards heaven. I love my mission and everything that I've learned and keep learning!

Elder H

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