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Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 101, Nogoya, Argentina

 Thanks for the birthday package!!!

 Our oven was broken...
 so for fourth of July, 
we made brownie batter and just ate it. 


Well this week was great! On Wednesday I said goodbye to Elder Romero and said HOLA to Elder Lindeman. He's from Alpine, Utah. He's so legit! The first thing that I liked about him is that he said he played SPORTS! He played football and loves to do excersises! We then got talking about that stuff and he went to BYU for a semester before coming on the mission. He was waiting for his Visa in Nashville, Tennessee. He speaks pretty good spanish and is excited to work! We're already best buds.

This week we are trying to find new people to teach and so far, so good! We've been trying to find some people that used to go to church so we can help them get back on track! Yesterday we talked to a young man, Alejandro, that is totally willing to go to church and he's the only member in his family so we hope to teach his family! 

Being with Elder Lindeman has been fun because we just understand each other and have the same desires. I love missionary work! It's not easy but so worth it! Yesterday Elena came to church! There was only 10 of us but it was still a great testimony meeting! I taught the Sunday school class on the Priesthood, or the authority of God, and how lucky we are to have it! I started off the class by asking why everybody was grateful to be a member of the church. People said things like knowing the truth, understanding God's plan, the commandments, temples, and families. We then looked at all the answers and talked about without the priesthood we wouldn't have any of those things. I'm so grateful for the priesthood! It is a blessing to mankind. It is literally the power of God, delegated to man for the benefit of God's children. 

I love you all so much!!! Thanks again!!

Elder Hjelmstad

1.  Tell me about your companion...  HE'S THE BOMB!!!!

What's his name? Elder Lindeman

Where's he from? Alpine Utah

Was he a visa waiter? yuppp

If so, where did he serve before his visa arrived? 

he was in nashville tennessee for 3 months

Is his mom on mission mom's? i dont think so.

What are his interests/hobbies? he plays football. likes to stay in shape. 

2.  How's the weather?
cold but bearable

3. What are you doing today for your birthday?
we're going to buy empanadas and make the cake (that you sent me)!!

4.  Does anyone know it's your birthday?
a few people. very few. haha

5. Who wrote you today? TONS OF PEOPLE :)

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