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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 74, Venado Tuerto, Argentina

us with the sunset


Me and my Companion with the Argentina flag

little ornaments that a member made us

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everybody had a great Christmas! It was so fun talking to you guys over Skype and the see everybody. Jaden’s grown up so much and Jenee doesn’t look like my little sister anymore, but older! It was fun chatting with you guys and laughing about some stuff. One more phone call and I’m home! Crazy!!

So.... like you all know it’s new years, a great time to set some goals and get down to business. That’s what I plan on doing. I was thinking about my mission and the little I’ve changed and other things that I still need to change, Andrew nailed it in his letter. Service. Showing love is different than having love. I fell like I can do a lot better at serving my companions as well as investigators and members. Everybody is happier when serving or being served. Mom has always been a huge example of service for me. From cleaning the house to cooking the BEST DINNERS EVER, she does it all and almost never asks for anything in return. I hope I can develop that gift and put it into practice. For in the end it says:

Mosiah 2:17:
“And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God”.

Yesterday I got to give a talk in sacrament meeting, at church, and I talked about missionary work and being on the same team. I felt like it went pretty good! I introduced the bracelets that say "walk with me" (that Mom sent me). I explained I was going to hand them out to remind them to talk to their friends about the gospel! They all loved them and I think we are starting to work better with them as a team! We’re excited for our area and want to see it progress!



Elder Hjelmstad

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