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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Elder Haderlie describes his new companion, Elder Hjelmstad

(Josh's Mom) I found that Josh's new companion also has a  blog online.  I read his first blog entry after being placed as Josh's new companion... It was titled "So my comp is from temecula cali" of course I had to read on...this is what he wrote (Sorry, I had to share):

"So my comp is from Temecula Cali. He’s great. Big kid, like as tall as me BUT not super skinny. He’s buff. He played water polo in high school and went to BYU for a bit. They don’t have a team there just a club. I thought of Uncle Ryan when he talked about water polo. He absolutely loves it. He also loves his mission, way excited kid and we are super excited to be together and work. He has 3 sisters just like me, but he is the second child. He is a way cool guy so far and has a real desire to do the stuff. We are gonna kill it again here, may not be this first transfer but we are going to do all that we can so that it is."

And this is what he said this week:

"My comp and I get along great, we have true desires to work and we have found amazing people these last few days."

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