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Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 53, Las Delicias, Rosario, Argentina

Mission Council
Alrighttyyyy… the Olympics are driving me crazy! GO USA! I keep asking everybody if they’ve seen water polo and so far NOBODY has. ugh. 

But anyways this week was great! We saw some more miracles and we are still super excited for our investigators! We got let down on Sunday when only Milagros came but she loved it! Her whole family came so it was just great. You’re probably wondering what the miracles were.

1. We were walking and a lady walks across the street to us and asks where the church is. We tell her and she says she’s going to go on Sunday. She didn’t come but were going to pass by her house now!

2. Rodrigo, our super excited investigator that’s almost TOO excited to get baptized invited his friend and girlfriend over because his friend was way interested. Turns out they’re named Cristian and Antonella (I want to name my daughter Antonella) and they’re super great! We’re really looking forward to teaching them! 

This week we made a plan of action for our zone because the truth is is that were not working very diligently and effectively. We have a LOT to improve. We’ve seen a lot of progress in our area just from having excitement! President Monson said, “Missionary work is hard work. Missionary service is demanding and requires long hours of study and preparation that the missionary himself might match the divine message he proclaims. It is a labor of love but also of sacrifice and devotion to duty.” This is something that is required of everybody! We must learn and develop! We are the means by which people can have more happiness right now and for eternity. I’m so grateful for you and everyone else. We need to have FAITH and NEVER let ourselves get discouraged. We all have an important part in this. Share the gospel! You’ll never regret it!

Elder Hjelmstad

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