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Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 54, Las Delicias, Rosario, Argentina

Recently, Josh's mission presidents wife started a facebook page for his mission. I was able to find a few pictures that I thought I would share. Some of these pictures are from when he was in his first area. enjoy...

The missionaries do a lot of service while they are serving their two year missions.  

The Rosario Argentina Mission Home:
this is where the missionaries first come when they arrive in Rosario.
They return at different times for special meetings, etc.

The Mission President and his wife

Elder Hjelmstad is on the far left, in the back
(probably on his tippie toes)!!!

This week was good! We did some divisions and I really learned a lot and have seen some progress in myself. I use to get really nervous when inviting somebody to do something but lately we’ve just been so excited and doing it so much that I’m not scared at all! I’ve really learned to teach when it’s the time to teach and invite when its the time to invite! 

Yesterday at church Alejandra and Milagros showed up and they were wayyy excited to be there! They’re officially our favorite. Milagros’ sister Maitena is 5 and the cutest little girl ever. She drew something... (Still trying to figure out what it is). haha But they’re pretty excited to be baptized on the 25th! We’re so stoked for them! Also, a less active guy that wants to change, came to church! He was way nervous but left smiling from ear to ear. The whole ward is really great at helping people feel comfortable and loved. We need more of that in California! I feel like I could’ve done a lot better at bringing friends to activities and helping those that came to church with the missionaries. I learned a sweet concept this week... Usually, members think that the missionaries are the ones who do the missionary work and that they should help the missionaries with their investigators. It’s not like that at all. The missionaries should help the ward with their friends! Help the Perry family with their conversion! It’s so important!

Cool moment this week was when I did divisions with Elder Hixson, from Springville. He’s a great missionary! We had a sweet appointment with a 15 year old named Cesar. Elder Hixson told me he didn’t believe in God and I said that we were going to show him that he actually did believe in God but didn’t know it. We had the plan to just ask inspired questions. We started out with questions like what do you like about the church and how do you feel...etc. He said he felt good and tranquil when he went and then we read some scriptures about receiving answers from God and how they come as feelings. He pondered but still didn’t believe that that peace he felt came from God. He then opened up and asked up if we believed in the devil and we said yes and explained how that there’s two sides to everything because if we didn’t, nobody would learn. We said that in every single decision there are 2 options, God or Satan. He said that he didn’t believe in either and asked where he was in it then? We explained that if it isn’t God... its the other. After a moment of silence, we asked, Do you believe in a God and a Devil, then before really thinking he said Yes. MIRACLE. We then went on the talk about baptism. He’s getting baptized this Saturday. I love being a missionary!

Funniest thing this week was last night with Rodrigo. This guy is a 21 year old character. Soooo funny, just being how he is. He tried to speak some English and said a bad word and we started busting up laughing and then we played a game to choose who prayed. In the game you have to say a type of metal and whoever says ORO (gold) has the say the prayer. Oro also means "I pray" so we played and of course he lost. haha He was like naahhhh you tricked me! hahah and we started cracking up and he didn’t want to say the prayer and so Elder Haderlie tried but we just kept laughing. My cheeks and abs were killing me we were laughing so much. soooo funny.

I love you guys!!
Elder Hjelmstad

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