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Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 31 Santa Fe, Argentina

Eva at her baptism

Woohoo! Eva got baptized! Kinda crazy but it ended up being a really spiritual baptismal service. We had everything ready and were waiting at the chapel at 5:00 when the baptism started at 6:00. Eva and her family got there at like 5:20 and 2 minutes later I realized...We didn’t have her baptismal clothes...We quickly ran to the pinch (10 min) and grabbed them and walked super fast back. We got back at 5:45 and waited for the rest of the members to come and stuff. We invited a ton of people but only very few came but it didn’t matter because it was all about Eva. I baptized her and even though she swallowed a little bit of water, she felt great! When she walked in after she had changed her clothes she said, "Estoy bien" (I’m good) with a smile. It was really great to see another daughter of God be baptized in His church. I’m so blessed that I’m here to witness these miracles.

This week I don’t really have much to talk about but I read something this morning when I was studying that I loved. I was reading in the Bible in John when it talks about Lazarus rising from the dead. I’ve always loved this miracle and I don’t really know why. I was thinking about it and it’s really similar to how, thanks to Jesus Christ, we will all rise from the dead in the resurrection. Every single one of us will live after this life to be judged before God, thanks to Him. Because this is possible we have the potential to live with our families forever. How amazing is the Atonement of Christ. Also I believe that in every one of our lives, we come to a point when Christ saves us. From physical danger, as well as spiritual danger. I know, that is how it was for me. I know that Chirst still works miracles because I know that I am one. I’m so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

K I have to go! Sorry it was a shorty. I love you all so much and will send you the pics of Evas baptism and then Ezekiels thatll happen this weekend.


Elder Hjelmstad.

Oh something cool. ahha so the first counselor in the bishopric couldn’t pronounce my last name so he said "Elder HLJ." HLJ means ctr (choose the right) in English! haha Haz lo justo. I thought it was cool! Anyways chao!

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  1. Love seeing the spiritual growth of all these sweet boys who are becoming great men. :) So glad you have this blog so that we can see J's journey.