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Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 9 Santa Fe, Argentina


K this week has been absolutely insaneeee. I don't even think I can write all the stuff that I've seen! seriously.

K First off the plane ride actually wasn't that bad. I sat next to Elder Hull and we talked for a while and then TRIED to sleep but guess what? I actually fell asleep! We woke up and we were landing in 30 min! When we got the to airport we had to go through customs and that stuff which took foreverrrrrr, but its all good. After we met up with these guys that took our passports. They did something with them but we got out and then were on the way to the mission home! We stopped at a gas station and the missionaries that were goin home were there, so we got to talk to them. It was so weird to see them leaving, because that will be us in 22 months. Overall the bus ride to Rosario was like 4 hours I think, but we just talked the whole time so it was fun. When we got to the mission home we were met by all the office elders and the Mission President. He and his wife are both really nice. I had a quick get to know you interview which was great. We ate choripan? its like a sausage hot dog, I was scared it was going to make me feel sick but it didnt! We had orientation and heard all the rules and then went to bed. The next day, wed, we met our trainers! My Companion is ELDER RIVERA. He is from Chile and doesnt speak english! haha but He´s seriously the nicest guy. He's a convert and likes martial arts. He's gunna teach me how to speak spanish and I'm going to help him be a little more confident. He's really good at talking to people, he's just a little shy and a little awkward but Its all good, everybodys different and I'm so grateful for him. He's a great Elder with Great intentions! We are serving in the Sante Fe North zone in the Liceo ward. The members are awesome, there's just a TON that are inactive, but were gunna help that. OH! Our area is a white wash, which means that were both brand new to the area, usually one elder stays, so one is familiar with the area and stuff, but we dont know ANYTHING! And it doesn't help that I dont know spanish! haha but it's all little tiny houses and they look super poor on the outside but on the inside they're all really well taken care of and always have a tv. haha but its pretty crazy! I LOVE AMERICA!!!!

We live in an apartment with 2 other elders, Elder Hull and Elder Artunduaga. Elder Hull and I always love speakin english to each other! haha they're a white wash too. The apt isn't that bad but is REALLY dirty from the last elders. The shower isn't too bad but you have to play with the hot and cold knobs the WHOLE TIME. There isn't that many bugs yet but I have gotten bit like 5 times already. And there are dogs EVERYWHERE. Some are really cute but most, 98% are not. haha but we haven't had a problem with them and haven't gotten robbed yet. We've had lunch at a few members houses so far and it's not bad at all! It is a little bland most of the time but we've already had pasta a couple times and milanesa which is dang good. The people here are very very friendly, which is great! They have cool hand shakes. ha my favorite thing to do is wave to people and smile because I have no clue how to speak yet. Their accent is really weird but I'm already getting used to it, it's just weird cuz my companion doesn't have it, cuz hes from chile. haha so it throws me off a little. Everybody asks me questions but I can only understand some of the questions.

I feel pretty good, just a little overwhelmed with the language, but I need to be patient I know. It's already been a roller coaster with feelin depressed about family and then feelin good. But it's all good! I'm trying to CHOOSE to be happy!

We don't have any people that we're teaching right now but we have a bunch of appts set for this week, so I'll let you know how it goes!

I washed my clothes in a bucket today! It took forever but they're clean!

Ok so when were "finding" theres always kids playin soccer everywhere, seriously, and they just have goalposts in the most random places. They love their soccer! They all have their favorite teams, in Sante Fe its either Union or Colon.

So we watched conference at the stake center and they didnt have an english room set up, so espanol it was! haha I didnt get much out of it, but I did have some divinely inspired thoughts! Ha I could understand parts but it was really hard. We did get to see priesthood session! from 9-11! We were allowed to and it was good! well the parts that I could understand! ha

Well overall its been an insane week. It's weird to think about all the time that I'll be here for. I dont really have a spiritual thought... except that we all need to be good examples and treat every person like a brother or sister. We're all sons and daughters of Heavenly Father! He loves us so much!

I love my family so much, and I'm so grateful for the chance I have to be here in Argentina. I love all of you so much it's insane. I wish I could write all of you back but I dont have time! Thank you for praying for me. I pray for all of you as well.

Shout outs to.... The Dohrmans! thanks for the package! That was such a nice surprise! You're great!

The Taylors! I got your letters the last day in the MTC! Thank you all!


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