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"The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 10 Santa Fe, Argentina


K I don’t have much time today because it’s a crazy holiday here in Argentina.
 I have asked like 20 times what the holiday is and still don’t know. haha (turned out it was Columbus Day!) but 
everything is closed so we're at a members house right now and I have to hurry 
cuz my companion still needs to write.

So this place has the most random things ever....

1 - Geese in the Street

2 -People blasting Justin Beiber, and ¨It’s the final countdown¨ haha

A lot of stuff has happened in the past week but one of the main points was the 
rain. Rain and wind are not very fun to walk in. Seriously, we got soaked! My
 umbrella broke too! But it’s all good! So it’s only spring here and already the 
mosquitos are out to get me. I have like 10 bites already. Somebody told me 
that the area I’m in is the hottest in the whole mission and has the most mosquitos!

So this week we had an appointment with a lady we found when knocking
doors and when we showed up she had invited all her Methodist friends! We
 thought we were going to be able to teach all of them but they had a lesson and 
everything and thought it was fascinating that we had the same bible. We didn’t 
get to share anything and I was pretty disappointed, but before we left I asked if I
 could share my testimony and they said sure... I testified of the restoration in 
my testimony and found a way to teach the whole lesson! It wasn’t me, the Holy
Ghost gave me the idea.

Oh and the fun thing I did this week was MILK AN ALFAJOR! I took pics! What you do is bite the Alfrajor on both sides and stick it in some milk and suck the milk through the Alfajor! Haha. I guess it’s tradition for all the newbies. And yesterday we ate heart or liver with pasta! crazy! I asked my comp what it was after and he was all calm and said, ¨I don’t know, heart or liver.¨ ha so.... ya. not bad! We also had pizza this week! Good stuff!

My spiritual thought this week is about Alma 5. I love this chapter because it talks about repentance and how it is a change of heart! I know we can all turn

ourselves a little more towards Heavenly Father in our lives and make better decisions. Remember that there’s always 2 sides to every decision! I suggest

everybody read it! Also, I love the way he presents it because he says that he has been called of God to preach the Gospel and also because he loves the people.

Ha so we're teaching a bunch of people. We're teaching some recent convert little girls and they’re so funny! Every time, they have me sing in English. Haha. It’s really fun cuz they’re like WHATTTT!?! Haha. and that’s how I am every single day! My Spanish is getting better! Just takes time!

K, I love you all so much! I never stop praying for you guys!


Elder Hjelmstad

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