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Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 79, Venado Tuerto,Argentina

So....this week FLEW by!
So sad to hare that the 49ers lost. It's all my fault cuz I wasn't there cheering them on. haha But next year we'll get them. Grandpa you wont have to call the "suicide prevention hotline" next year. haha
Alrighty, this week we found some great people in miraculous ways! We had received a referral from some Elders of a guy that they talked to in the street. We went by his house about 5 times and never found him but the last time the Mom said that he was around the corner in the house with the fruit stand, so we went over there and out comes, Yanina. When she came up to us I thought about asking her if Victor was there but instead I asked if she would like to listen to a message about Christ for 10-15 min. She said "sure! Let me go get my husband!" Sure enough they come out and we sit outside and start talking. Milton, the husband, breakdances! haha and they have a daughter named Celeste. She's 4. We taught them and then went back on Saturday night. They were waiting for us and we taught them about the restoration of the gospel and while we were talking about the authority of God she said that they haven't been married by Gods terms because they were only married civilly. I felt prompted to take out my little picture of the San Diego temple and testify of eternal marriage. They paid close attention and the spirit filled us all. We're really excited to keep teaching them.
Funny thing this week... was when I fell on the bike again. hahaha This time we were in the part in the field and we saw a little entrance through thick, tall bamboo so we went in. Turned out to be a backyard motocross track! we went down this little hill and looked around for a minute and I decided to act like a dirt bike and went really fast and had to make the 90 degree turn to get up the little hill. Well...the dirt was actually sand so the wheel (which has no traction) slipped out from under me when I went to turn up the hill and I fell in the dirt/sand. It didn't hurt at all...I just got covered in dirt...haha so we quickly went back to the apartment so I could change. I don't know if you could understand that, but overall we were busting up laughing. ahahah
The work is progressing!!
homework this week.... please read this talk. It's awesome!!!

Elder Hjelmstad

P.S. Welcome home Dee!!! I miss you buddy.

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