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Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 64, Las Delicias, Rosario, Argentina

Elder Haderlie and Hjelmstad ... Ready for the rain

Cockroach... HUGE!

Today for P-Day (personal day) we played ping pong and Pool at the institute buliding.

ping pong with Elder Butler

Elder Hjelmstad with Elder CLUBB


This week was good! It rained every other day and was hot on the days it wasn’t raining. Super bi-polar weather. I do not like the rain. We don’t have umbrellas, so we always get soaked. haha but you’re only a wet missionary once in your life right? 

So we’re teaching a girl, Guliana, that’s 13 years old and loves going to church and activities but her Dad wont let her get baptized yet. Super big bummer but were trying to help out. We were sitting in our weekly planning when we thought...."hey lets take them some banana bread! for them" We didn’t really think it through and made the banana bread the next morning and covered it with a grocery bag because it was raining. We walked all the way down there to their house, like 30 min, then realized... "What are we going to say? We’ve never been there and we have a loaf of banana bread. NOBODY gives anybody anything! They’re not used to people giving cookies or Jello! They’re going think we’re creeps and “like” Guliana!" We stood there for like 10 min thinking of how we were going to do it. Anyways, so we went to her house and her Brother answered the door and looked at us like freaks. haha freaks soaking wet with a loaf of banana bread. We talked to him for a minute and then Guliana came to the door. The parents were sleeping, so we left it with them and felt good! haha We'll see if it helps out. Guliana said her Dad really liked it! Now this week.....APPLE PIE. haha 

So the Bible reading is going great. It’s helping me understand more because the Old Testament was always a little boring to me when I was in seminary. I always loved the New Testament more. Speaking about the Bible, a lot of people we talk to think that we don’t believe in the Bible, which is kind of a bummer that they think this, because without the Bible, our religion and church isn’t complete. We wouldn’t know of the prophets of old that made and fulfilled prophecies. We wouldn’t know the details of Christ’s birth, ministry, and atoning sacrifice. Lots of people think we have our "own" bible in the Book of Mormon, but no. The Book of Mormon is not a bible, but a companion and a support to the Bible! Neither is it "The book of the Mormons." Mormon was a prophet of the Book of Mormon, like Moses was a prophet in the Bible. He was one of the last prophets and compiled all the writings that all the other prophets wrote before him. At the end, with a few words of his son Moroni, came the final product, The Book of Mormon. This book is incomplete without the Bible. Through a modern day prophet, God brought forth the Book of Mormon. Everyone and anyone can read it and ask God if it’s true. If you ask with faith, you will know that it’s true by the Holy Ghost (like impressions, feelings, and thoughts). I KNOW it’s true and answers many questions that we wonder at times. 

I love being a missionary!

Elder Hjelmstad

Mom, Can you tell Lexi thank you for the bookmark,
and tell Addison thanks for the pictures
and Alyssa Blackburn for writin!!!

Thank you all soooo much! 

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