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Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 61, Las Delicias, Rosario, Argentina


This week was pretty good and we had 3 people at church so we were pretty happy! I was so happy to hear that 11 people went to your ward on Sunday! That’s really, really great! I can’t wait to get back and help out the missionaries!

So... MIRACLES HAPPEN! hahah On Tuesday, we went to the district meeting in Villa Galvez, that’s outside of Rosario and had to take a bus there. We went to bus stop and I forgot which bus we had to take but I was PRETTY sure that the 103 got us there, so we got on. The bus kept going, and then kept going through some ghetto, and then.... Stopped and the bus driver said it was the end of the route and we had to get off. We got off, having no clue where we were and had no money for a taxi. Just so you get the picture... Dirt road, houses made out of scrap wood and whatever they can find, and LOST. We started walking and were scared for our lives because I had my backpack and we stood out like crazy. I totally thought we were going to get robbed again. We walked and said a little prayer that SOMEHOW we would get a ride to Main Street. We walked about 15 blocks when we saw a huge water tank truck on the side of the road. Two guys were there standing and one started walking toward us. (By the way were scared of everybody now, so when somebody walks up to us, they’re DEFINATELY going to rob us. haha) So he’s walking up and we quickly try to cross the street and then so does he. (I’m thinking we’re totally done for) Then he says "hey can I get some help pushing the truck so it starts up?" and right when he says that I look at him and realize... He’s a less active guy from another ward in Rosario. I did divisions there ONCE and met him. Way cool guy. So for those of you who don’t know, by pushing a car you can make it start. Seriously. We do it at least once a week. So it started up and then he said what are you doing out here?! It’s super dangerous! We told him we took the wrong bus and were lost. He asked where we were going and offered us a ride. WOOHOO! We got in and he said that they were waiting there for like 10 min trying to get it the truck started but it just wouldn’t start. haha soo..... If anyone doesn’t believe in God, I will tell you that GOD LIVES AND LOVES US. Coincidence is God’s way of staying unanimous.

Were teaching a great lady named Maria that really wants to change and wants the best for her family. She received an answer and now is trying to come to church! She’s excited and so are we! Well see what happens! 

Alrighty, I don’t have that much time! I love you tons and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hjelmstad

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