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Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 58, Las Delicias, Rosario, Argentina

Alright well first off sorry I didn’t write last week! It was a crazy day and I had to do a TON of stuff to do on the computer. SORRYY!!

So this week was good! It started off great, on Monday we had a Family Home evening with a member family and their niece, Guliana(12 years old). We taught a lesson and she accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 29th of this month. She’s way nice and loves the church. She’s gone a million times but has never been baptized, so we’re way excited about that! Great start to the week.

Tuesday... we wake up and MOSQUITOS. I have never seen so many in my life. I have over 40 bites from this week. I’m convinced the mosquito’s are from the devil because the drive missionaries CRAZY!!!

Wednesday... We had Mission Council in the Mission Home and Elder Viñas of the Seventy came and gave a little workshop. SUPER GOOD. He spoke a lot on how we can be regular missionaries or we can be exceptional missionaries that have power to help others. He said that to become one of these exceptional missionaries, we need to learn how to be humble. We need to learn how to repent daily. We must be humble to help the people were teaching be humble enough to listen and change. A missionary said, "A golden missionary always finds golden people to teach." I believe that to be true. I think that as we become better people, God will entrust us with people that are ready to hear the gospel. After, Pres. Guiliani spoke on FAITH and how we must have faith and HOPE in the missionary work in our areas. People that say that “it’s impossible” will never achieve anything. We must have faith that we can
do it. That’s true with anything in life! We can always have more faith in others and in ourselves!

Then on Sunday, we got to go see the re-dedication of the Buenos Aires temple! It was way cool and I’m super excited to go after my mission. I’m so grateful for temples and the blessings that they are! Everybody should try to go to the temple more often!

Alrighty, well my times up! Love you tons!!!

Your favorite elder,

Elder Hjelmstad

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