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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josh's Farewell Party!!

We are so proud of Josh and his willingness to serve a full time mission! Josh spoke at church on Sunday July 24th, 2011 , the topic he was given was Repentance. After church we opened our home up to friends and family to come say their goodbyes. We are so grateful for every ones support!!!!
Thank you!!!!

Whats a party without Mama's cupcakes????

Auntie Penny, Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Cassie

Cousin Katie and Uncle Chris

Cousin Ty, Grandpa and Frannie

Katie and Jen

Cousin Ty and Josh

Cousin Katie and Josh

Ty hugging Josh again....

And again!!!!
(There were too many pictures of this to post them all!!!)

Josh giving Grandma Cassie one last kiss goodbye

Dan and Josh

Lindsey and Kelly...
(Josh looks like he's enjoying this!!!)

Jon Lyon and Josh... Buddies for life!!!!
(Jon reports to the MTC one week after Josh)

Grandma Mary gives great hugs... He's lovin this!!!

Big Sis and Big Bro... Jackie and Andrew Hyder

Little Sis

Called to serve in Argentina

Jen and Josh
(They have two years to find each other a spouse!!!)




Proud Parents of a soon to be AMAZING missionary!!!!

The Sibs!!!

The Eisenhuts...

The J Crew and Andrew too!


Capella Kehoe

The Billings

Bishop Pennock and Family

Sister Borchard

The Taylor Fam

Tysa Curry

Grandma Cassie

Brookie (the other sis)

Gary and Emylee

Ellyn and Brooke

Dave and Laura Tenney

Devin Downing

Kelly, Dan, Josh, Lindsey, Derek and Ellianna

Paul Davis, Josh, Bryce Davis and Ralph Holding

The Sorges

Dan and Derek

Deven, Kellie, Josh and Lindsey

Ellyn Schiavo

Grandpa Gordon

Auntie Melanie

The Pearcy Family

Grandma Mary

Cousin Tatum

Grandpa and Ty


The Hyders

Addison, Jordon, Josh and Kylie

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