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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Final Goodbye... @ the San Diego Airport

It's about 5:45 am July 27, 2011. One last family picture before Josh goes through security and we can no longer be with him...

One proud Missionary Mom!!!!

Jen and Josh are 21 months apart in age...
they will be apart for 24 months, longer than they ever have been!
Jaden will be starting High school the next time Josh see's her....

Josh turning his head while in the security line. He wanted us to leave at this point. We were determined to stay and watch him make his way through security in hopes of getting one more look at his big blue eyes.

We watch him slowing walk through the line of security and get a little farther away with each step he takes... We can't take our eyes off of him.

Josh's journey is just beginning.
He will just keep walking on the path he has always walked... the straight and narrow one.

He doesn't look back... He is focussed on his mission that lays ahead.

After he goes through security, we watch from afar as he replaces his shoes, belt and throws his backpack back on. He turns his head for one last smile... makes eye contact with Dad and gives a strong wave, with arm fully extended, as if to say "I will be fine and am ready to serve." From there he hurriedly walked out of sight to the plane awaiting him, destined for Salt Lake.

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