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Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 105, Nogoya, Argentina

Last oneeeee

Alrighty everybody.... this is it, my last email. My head hasn't quite understood the whole going home part but...yeah. So this week was pretty good! We taught some great lessons and had a good time. Church was great and everything. I was able to share my testimony and I would like to share it with you guys as well. So as some of you know, I was supposed to get home last wednesday but because of changes in the missions around the world we got two extra weeks added on. When we found out I had no problem and just accepted it like it was nothin. I said, "If God wants me for two more weeks, then Ill give him two more weeks." Then last week came and there was a little part of me saying, "I would've been home right now!" Then I realized why God needed me for two more weeks, or better said, why I, Elder Hjelmstad, needed God for two more weeks. First I realized that I needed my comp, Elder Lindeman. He's really helped me learn more about myself and about the post mission life because he has 2 older brothers that already served missions. The Lord has blessed me through him. Last week we were walking and Elder Lindeman said something that I will never forget. He said, "It's funny how that out of everything that we have the only thing thats really OURS, is our ability to choose, and God asks THAT of us." I don't know if you guys will understand that, but I loved it. It's something I'd thought about a lot but the way he said it was just perfect. It's ironic. God wants the only thing that is ours. The thing is that by, "giving in," we come to find out that we become even more free, and receive even more blessings. After thinking about that for a few days I realized that I need to be grateful and that I need to be humble. I have so much to learn but that's why I'm here! That's why were all here! Every day of life is one more day to learn about ourselves, and one more day to learn about Heavenly Father. We must learn to give Him our heart and do as He would do. We must learn how to give Him our hearts so He can trust us. I know that I have SO MUCH to learn but I'm so grateful for my mission because it has helped me start. I've just begun. This party is just getting started.

Love you all!
Elder Hjelmstad

p.s. SEE YA NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

(This is Elder Hjelmstads Mom)

I asked our missionary what his week looks like and this was his response...

"On Sunday night I'm going to the Mission home. Monday is our PDAY but Elder Hull and I are just going to go around Rosario doing some sight seeing and then at 6pm on Monday we have dinner with president and then a tetimony meeting and Sister Giuliani cuts our ties and we get a pin. Tuesday morning we wake up and take a mini bus to the temple in Buenos Aires and then go to the airport and then......"

We would like to thank everyone who has followed our sons blog, for your love and support. This was his last email home but this will not be the last entry. We will be posting pictures of his homecoming at the airport and some pictures of his open house. :) 

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