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Friday, November 4, 2011

week 14 Santa Fe, Argentina

Greetings from the Dust Bowl!!

I feel like I just talked to you guys yesterday! I totally forgot to tell you that our pday was today (Friday). I'm still not absolutely sure why, but something about the the mission pres having a meeting so were doing it today instead of Monday. Transfers are tonight, but we wont move so I'm not really worried. But hey! I survived a transfer! :) like 14 more! haha But I'm so glad that the missionary moms told you the p-day was changed, cuz I was worried I wasnt going to get to hear from you. Today were goin to play FUTBOL!!! The zone leaders have the mail too, so hopefully I get something!

So this week has been pretty good so far! The bishop just took in a 15 year old girl named Carina. Her story is really sad because her parents split up and left her to live on her own. She feels like it was her fault and is really trying to find God right now which is great! We met her on Wednesday night and told her to write down all the questions that she has about God and life. Last night we taught her and she had 8 really great, sincere questions that she really wanted to know! Most of her questions were about the Plan of Happiness, or the Plan that Heavenly Father has for us and prepared for us before this life! Carina, her situation, and her desire to learn about God has really made me think a lot about how blessed we are. From having the best family in the world, to having the knowledge of a Heavenly Father that loves me so much that he has prepared a way that I can learn and progress in this life, become clean through baptism, and return to live with Him with my family. I know that Heavenly Father loves every single one of us and wants us to return to Him. I've also learned how important it is to live by faith. I know that the more faith we have, the happier we´ll be. Were so lucky to know our purpose in this life and know where we came from and where were going. I'm really grateful for Carina and her willingness to learn and change! We're really excited to teach her and help her progress towards baptism!

Another thing that we've studied this week is prayer and the power that we can gain from it, if we pray sincerely, reverently, having faith! I know that prayer is hidden treasure that we too often take for granted! In Preach my Gospel in the Section Pray with Faith there´s a quote from Pres. Hinckley (I think) that says that Prayer isn't just something we check off the list every time we go to bed, eat or whatever. We need to pray with FAITH! Prayer is where we can thank Heavenly Father for the blessings and tender mercies in our life and then ask Him for help, and ask Him for guidance in decisions. In the Bible Dictionary it says that "Prayer is where the will of the child and the will of the Father meet." I know that prayer is so powerful if we use it correctly. We are talking with Heavenly Father, and I know that He listens to us. I know that Prayer is a blessing in my life and I am nowhere near good at praying. But I know that as we pray and thank Heavenly Father for all we have, He will bless us.

Woohoo! 100 days down! Bunch more to go!

My companion is doin better! We've seen more success this week so it's been good! He's been out on his mission for a year and a half! 4 more transfers and he´s gone! crazy! I'm really thankful for my companion and the example he is to me.

I'm glad that you guys got those pictures! I will try and send more next week! I don't have my camera today cuz I didn't want to bring it to play soccer but next week I will! Aren't the scripture covers cool?!

So Sante Fe is about 2 hours from the mission home but we have to take a taxi to the bus terminal, bus for 2 hours, and then a taxi to the mission home. So it takes a while! But we only go there for our Visa stuff which is about every 3 months I heard. But the mission home is WAY NICE.

So the only bummer about having p-day early, is that we don't get another one for 10 days! It´ll be okay though cuz the days here go by so dang fast! Seriously, we never stop moving, so the days pass by like nothing!

K well I love you so much and hope all is well in the best country in the world! (Argentina at a close second place) haha

Count your blessings!


Elder Hjelmstad

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